Preparing Your Home For Showing

To make the best impression, keep your home clean, neat, uncluttered, and in good repair. Use this list as a reminder of things to do before showings.

  1. Keep everything clean. Messy or dirty home will cause prospective buyers to notice every flaw and may cause them to wonder how well the major systems of the house have been maintained. This is particularly true of sinks and tubs. Make sure they are scrubbed clean and not stained.
  2. Clear all clutter from countertops.
  3. Remove all displayed items that overly personalize the home. The goal is for prospective buyers to imagine what the house will look like with their belongings in it, not yours.
  4. Get rid of all odors such as tobacco, pets, cooking, moth baths, etc. Even air fresheners and potpourri can be overdone, causing prospective buyers to wonder what you are trying to hide. Freshly baked bread and/or cookies can make a positive impact.
  5. Remove pets or secure them away from the house and be sure to clean up after them. This is true for the yard too. Make sure it is free of any “doggie deposits”.
  6. Close windows to reduce or eliminate street noise, but open or adjust all drapes, curtains, and blinds that block light.
  7. Clean trash cans to make sure they are odor-free and place them out of sight.
  8. Hang clean, attractive guest towels in the bathrooms.
  9. Make all beds with clean and attractive bedspreads or comforters.
  10. Hide or throw out newspapers, magazines, and junk mail.
  11. Keep garage doors closed and the driveway clear. Park autos and RV’s away from your home during showings unless emphasizing additional specialized parking as a selling feature of the property.
  12. Make sure all TV’s and radios are off during showings.
  13. Generally speaking, you, your pets, and your children should not be present while your home is being shown. Occasionally circumstances prohibit this. If absolutely necessary to be present during a showing, allow the buyer and their agent to tour the home without interruption or interference.